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The Bowl Series
 Blue Living
 Magic Garden

Canoa Homeware Collections

The CANOA HOMEWARE collections gather pieces for home and table,
selected for their high quality, history, and originality.

Our online store offers two Collections that celebrate home life, at the table, and outdoor living.
BLUE LIVING is a Collection where blue is paired with relaxation, and each piece invites to admire the shades of blue in the sky and sea.

MAGIC GARDEN is a Collection inspired by nature, where the textures and organic shapes transports us to the garden.

We are proud to feature Terrafina - stoneware by Ceramirupe, brand of which we are official representatives.
The Terrafina dinnerware ceramics are made of high-quality porcelanic stoneware and produced in Portugal.
This unique ceramic pieces create an atmosphere of natural sophistication. From the moment of their conception, to the rigors of their highly manual production, each piece is a work of art with a distinctive personality.


Brands & Designers
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Brands & Designers


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