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Gift Box consisting of: 1 Jug

Green color

Dimensions: 165 x 160 x 265 mm / 1800 ml

Material: Porcelain stoneware / Reactive Glass

Packed in gift box

Brand: Terrafina / Collection: Amazônia

Made in Portugal

Jug - Amazonia Green

Color: Green
  • You can request quantities greater than available units or shipping to ineligible countries using the contact form at


    Canoa Homeware Collections is the official representative of the Terrafina - stoneware by Ceramirupe brand. Terrafina products are produced in fine stoneware ceramics and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

    Canoa Homeware Collections favors the manual finishing of its products, which gives them a unique personality.

    In this way, variations in color or shape are considered details of added value and characteristic of the identity of each product.

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